Targeted traffic to your website

Targeting the right user, at the right place, at the right time

You may be using organic search engine optimization (SEO), but that’s only half of the battle. To create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, you need Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Think of PPC as a valuable business investment. When you “buy into” website clicks, you’re only getting interested parties that carry the potential of converting to a customer.

Why Should You Consider PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising is an essential part of remaining competitive in today’s market. It’s easy to get comfortable relying on organic search results, but you’re just letting the competition take away valuable business.

The Benefits of PPC

It’s cost effective. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, PPC can be a cost effective boost to an SEO campaign. You control how much you want to spend. Want to set a PPC per day limit? No problem. Once you’ve reached your daily limit, you’ll simply be removed from sponsored results.

It’s customizable. Today’s digital marketing depends heavily on tailoring messages, and PPC makes it easy. Customize messages by demographic or time of day, or cater your messaging based on market research.

PPC offers quick results. SEO operations take time to become effective, and it may be a while until your company can reap the benefits. PPC results can be rapid by comparison. Plug in your data, and you’re on the first page of results, just like that.

Digital Marketing Campaigns That Produce Results

With Pay-Per-Click marketing on Google and Yahoo-Bing, business-building power is at your disposal 24/7. We understand that each company we work with is unique. By examining your companies strengths, we create a PPC campaign that elicits the maximum response from your market.

Technology has made the way we do business increasingly globalized, but digital marketing is working in smaller spheres than ever. Customization and tailored messaging are necessities in today’s marketplace. Let the experts at Vessel Digital Marketing develop a PPC campaign for you as part of your comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Vessel created a new website for us and it looks great, I had little to no time to offer to this project and needed someone to quickly understand my vision and implement. They have a grasp on modern day web design and back end implementation.

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